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Taiwan Today is an internet-based news outlet run by the Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan). It contains news, editorials, commentaries, political cartoons and features. There is also an archives section now searchable by keyword or category, such as Economics, Sports, etc.

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About Taiwan : Made-in-Taiwan products to kick off World Cup

發表人 vitaiwan 於 2010/6/12 17:10:00 (2350 人讀取)

As the quadrennial FIFA World Cup tournament kicks off in South Africa on June 11, Taiwan will be appearing not among the 32 contending teams but as a maker of team uniforms. Nine of the competing teams will be donning uniforms made of recycled materials 100-percent made-in-Taiwan (MIT) at the premier soccer event as Taiwan flexes its textile-technology muscles for the world to see.

(The Brazil team Aftonbladet)

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