2016 Membership Meeting Meeting Minutes

日期 2016/2/23 13:00:00 | 新聞分類: 佈告欄

Förreningen Taiwan i Norden
2016 Membership Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Date: Febuary 7th, 2016 (Sunday), 13: 00
Place: Chinese Restaurant Conton, Stockholm

Nita Huang、Yu-Ying Hedlund、Claire Sung、Mikael Collin、Ching-Hui Hsu、Yen-Lin Liu、Yao-Yu Wu、Chi-Lin Ye、Sunny Hsu (New member)、Nai-Wen Huang (New member)、Hung-Pei Chen (New member)、Sarah Karlsson、Torbjörn Karlsson、Jean Wernheim。

2015 members:
Nita Huang, Yu-Ying Hedlund, Nils Hedlund, Jocelyn Andersson, Kenneth Andersson, Chi-Lin Ye, Thor Svensson, Shu-Mei Karlsson, Torbjör Karlsson, Shu-Fang Liu, Chin-Feng Chang, Judy Wong, Serene Chen, Yao-Yu Wu, Claire Sung, Mikael Collin, Conny Huang, Frank Huang, Eric Chou, Betty Chang, Yen-Lin Liu, Susan Johansson.

Minutes taker: Yao-Yu Wu
English minutes taker: Yao-Yu Wu
Minutes checked person: Yu-Ying Hedlund

Chairman: Nita Huang

Org nr. 802445-4582

Meeting Minutes:
1. ViTaiwan Financial Report by Yu-Ying Hedlund

● By the date of Febuary 7th, 2016,
SEB ViTaiwan account balance: 11749.50 SEK,
Savings account: 2 ,068.05 SEK.
Revenue: 2,200 SEK dues, advertising revenue 2,500SEK

● Donation: 700 SEK.

● Expenditure:

Website 937.50 SEK, Domain 150 SEK, Bank 1,200 SEK, 2015 membership meeting 1,600 SEK, 2015 Lunar New Year Dinner 733 SEK.

2. ViTaiwan now by Nita Huang

● An overview of the past events held by Vi Taiwan in 2015, and Vi Taiwan will keep helping those newcomers who just arrived in Sweden.

● Elect new board members and a chairman, one year per term, two terms max.

3. ViTaiwan events in 2016

● ViTaiwan's annual events will be planned by board members. (ex: Lunar New Year's dinner, membership meeting, cruise trip to Turku in March, hiking trip to Tyresta in May, crayfish party in August, members meeting and New Year celebration event)

4. ViTaiwan membership

● ViTaiwan membership, the fee is 100 SEK each year.
● Paid members have the right to vote and to be elected as a board member.
● ViTaiwan paid for the membership meeting dinner 100SEK for the members in 2014.

5. ViTaiwan Election of the board

● Five board members in 2016
Nita Huang (re-elected), Yao-Yu Wu(re-elected), Claire Sung (re-elected), Sunny Hsu and Hung-Pei Chen.

● Election Commissioners:
Jean Wernheim, Shu-Mei Karlsson

● Newly elected board members:
Chairman: Hung-Pei Chen
Secretary: Yao-Yu Wu
Finance: Sunny Hsu

● Board members handover.

The adjournment

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